Chris Watson

Nationality: British

Date of Birth: 6th Jan 1969



Work experience

August 2005 - August 2006 Khaeon Games b.v.

Lead Character Artist

Working on The Chronicles of Spellborn I took onboard the role of Lead Character Artist. This particular job lead me into being a Manager rather than Artist, the company having very little production experience, I documented, defined and maintained production pipelines, with limited resources in the form of a very small team, required to fill an MMO satisfactorily, and within understood online boundaries.

August 2004 - July 2005 Sony Computer Entertainment Europe

Character Artist

Working as a Character Artist on prototyping character creation content for online games, under the project name of Getaway Online, originally intended as a PS2 product. Also, I worked on Gangs of London PSP. Both projects included the roles of; Character Modeller, Concept Artist, Texture Artist and skin weighting.

March 2003-November 2003 Computer Artworks

Character Artist

Working as a Character Artist on Alone in the Dark: The Abductions (PS2, unreleased), my role predominately focused on the human NPC characters where a pseudo-realistic style was required. This role included; Concept Artist, Character Modeller and Texture Artist.

March 2001-January 2003 Asylum Entertainment

Character Artist

Again I filled in many gaps within the development teams at Asylum. My primary project was Curse: The Eye of Isis, a survival action horror game platformed upon Playstation2, PC and Xbox. My roles within the project were Concept Artist, Character modeller, texture artist, animator, and UI artist. I also worked as a modeller upon Rescue Heroes (PS1), pitch artist on Galidor™: Defenders of the Outer Dimension (PS2 and PC) and other undisclosed titles.

July 2000-December 2000 Crytek

Character Artist

I was involved with the very early development of the Far Cry (X-Isle) and Engalus games, working remotely from home. I filled many gaps within the development team acting as Concept Artist, Character modeller, texture artist and animator, leading to the successful signing to Ubisoft.

CG Skills


Available upon request.